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Choose Your Ideal Water Softener

Water softeners come in many shapes and sizes. Use our comparison tool to quickly find the ideal water softener to suit your home and requirements

The New TwinTec Cobalt Water Softener

The first eco-friendly water softener saving 84 tonnes of plastic waste every year.

Using a unique twin cylinder design, the twin cylinders work together to provide your home with softened water 24/7.

The TwinTec Cobalt is non-electric and only regenerates when necessary saving energy and lowering running costs.

  • Non-electric Block Salt Softener
  • White compact unit with unique space saving curved salt blocks.

TwinTec S4 Water Softener

The S4 is the latest generation softener from TwinTec. It's been designed and engineered in the UK by Harvey Water Softeners and works with all types of British plumbing systems and all size families, to make life simple. Conforms to British Standard BS14743.

  • Non electric Block Salt Softener
  • Suitable for family homes with up to 3 bathrooms
  • White compact unit, fits under sink

Kinetico Premier Compact
Water Softener

Introducing the Premier Compact, Kinetico’s premium advanced non-electric water softener which uses twin-tank technology to deliver soft water 24 hours a day.
Designed for optimum performance and superior efficiency in a contemporary, sleek modern cabinet.

  • Non electric Block Salt Softener
  • Suitable for family homes with up to 3 bathrooms
  • Grey unit, fits under sink
  • Magnetic Salt compartment lid

Kinetico AquaBlu Water Softener

  • Non electric Block Salt Softener
  • Suitable for smaller homes with 1 bathroom
  • Blue cabinet fits under sink