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Kinetico Premier Compact

A premium water softener with e-max technology for outstanding performance, efficiency and service.

  • Fits neatly in kitchen cupboard
  • Suitable for up to 3 bathrooms
  • Non-electric operation for greater reliability
  • Twin-tank design guarantees continuous soft water
  • Economical and low salt consumption
  • 10 year parts warranty
  • Dimensions: H: 498mm Width: 219mm Depth: 468mm

Key Features

eMax Technology

This innovative, non-electric two tank technology combines optimum efficiency and maximum performance to give an unparalleled level of limescale prevention.

Twin Tank System

Why compromise? Enjoy soft water 24/7 thanks to the clever twin-tank design.

High Flow Rate

Designed and manufactured to exceed water flow rates typically used by today’s demanding households.


Operates using the power of moving water for greater reliability and easier installation. There are no power cables to plug-in, no meters or timers to set, no electronic components to corrode over time - and no electricity costs.

10 Year Parts Warranty

Kinetico water softeners are designed and built to meet the highest quality standards.

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