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AquaGuard Drinking Water Filter

High quality filter

Fitted with a 1 micron block carbon filter to reduce sediment, chlorine, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) like pesticides and insecticides, heavy metals such as lead and cysts (microscopic single cell parasites) including Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

Delicious tasting water

Produces clear water ideal for preparing food; perfect for cooking pasta, washing and preparing fruits and vegetables.

Independently certified filter

Unlike many other Carbon filters, ours have been independently tested and certified to NSF International Standard 42 to deliver continuous water quality performance throughout the lifetime of the cartridge.
Simple and easy to install: Fits easily and neatly under the kitchen sink.

Efficient and economical to run

Does not require electricity.

Peace of mind

Each filter is fitted with a MacGuardT which prevents the user from drinking unfiltered water. This unique and patented devise measures the amount of water passing through each filter and stops the flow of water once the filter cartridge is exhausted.

Easy to change filter cartridges

Unique "twist and lock" system makes changing filters quick and easy.
Easy filter metering system: Fitted with a PureMometer® which shows you how much filter life remains so you know when it's time to obtain a replacement cartridge.

12 month warranty

On parts excluding filter cartridge and labour

Price: £144.00 + VAT

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